Installation of portable SLiMS on windows in 5 minutes

SliMS stands for Senayan Library Management System a fee and open source library developed in Indonesia and used all over the word for library automation. SLiMS is coded in PhP and mysql or Mariadb is used as database. SLiMS is flatform independent it can be installed on all versions of Windows and Linex it can also be installed on mobile device. SliMS is  has many template and plugins for providing additional functionality to SLiMS. 
SLIMS 9.5 (Portable) is a complete package of software applications ( Apache,   MySQL  and SLiMs) for  Windows operating  system (windows 7 or higher) the package is  also known as (Psenayan) . This package also consisits of  of the YAZ library which is used for enabling copy-cataloguing (using Z39.50 ). This is the most simplified installation which does not requires separate installation of web server and other applications.



download the  Portable SLiMS-9.5 64bit by clicking hare  and 32bit can be downloaded from here (download 32bit) .



Copy the downloaded zip file to root directory .e.g. c: or d: or d:. (Note: please do not place it inside a directory or folder).  Extract the  pslims9*.zip straight to the root directory.



Open the amd64 or x86 directory and run  httpd.bat and then mariadb.bat. (note: Always run httpd.bat and  mariadb.bat (by double-clicking on them). Leave the window open or minimize it.



Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome)  and type the URL http://localhost:8089  SLIMS OPAC will appear. to Access the Librarian interface type the URL: http://localhost:8089/bulian/index.php?p=login


Note: the default User Name= admin and    password= admin.
{Congratulations the installation job is completed}
 For security, you should always change the default logins, particularly for a production installation.
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