Dspace Installation on windows (step-by-step guide)

DSpace is the most widely used software for creating digital archives. It free and open source software. It is freely available online and community of experts is working on its development and improvement. It is multiplatform software which can work on Linix based as will as Windows based operating system.

This tutorial is about dspace installation on windows based system following are the steps required for installation of dspace on windows (windows 7 or latest)

Steps of Installation
Step I: Pre-requisite Software

To run dspace on windows following are the free-requisite softwares. Which are available online and can downloaded free of cost You’ll need to install theseepre-requisite software (for DSpace 3.x and higher). 

(Java Development Kit): Dspace requires version 6 or other latest version which available free on oracle website. Click on Java SDK to download.
PostgreSQL 8.x for Windows. It is powerful open source database system and can be installed on windows exelly as it comes with a Windows installer application. It is also freely available online and can be downloaded from the link https://www.postgresql.org.

Apache Maven:  It is software project management tool. It required for the build process and assembling the installation package for dspace. It also freely available and can be downloaded from http://maven.apache.org/download.html. Just unzip it on root drive where dspace will be installed.
• Apache Ant: It also freely available just download and unzip it to root directory.
Tomcat: Tomcat is web server it is also also available free.


Install Java: Install jave by just double clicking on jave installer package.

Step-III Install ANT:
Create a new folder on C: drieve with the name “ANT” and unzip the contents of downloaded ant eg” apache-ant-1.8.5-bin” in that folder.

Step_IV Install Maven:
Like ant create a new folder for on C: drive for maven with the name “MAVEN” and unzip the downloaded “apache-maven-3-0.zip” in to the folder.

Set the path for JAVA, and ANT (practically shown in the video)

Step VI: Verification:
Verify the platform for the following commands in command prompt
 Java -versionØ
 Ant –versionØ
 Mvn –versionØ

Step VII: Install PG SQL:
Installation process in explaining in the video the thing to remember is that create database with name “dspace” and create a user with the same name “dspace”

Step VIII: Install Apache tomcat:
Installation of Apache is simple just click on next on the pache-tomcat-version.exe.

Step IX: Installation of Dspace:
Download the latest version of dapace from www.dspace.org. extract it to c: drive and create and empty folder with the name “dspace”.
Now open the c:dspace-6.x-src-releasedspace and run mvn package on
Note: internet connection without proxy is required for this step. It will install dspace if you get the massage Build successful it means installation has completed otherwise repeat the mvn installation again and again.

Step X: Copy the JSPUI and XMLUI folder:
Copy “jspui” and “xmlui” into tomcat webapps folder.
The installation has completed now type : “https://localhost:8080/jspui“.


 About the Author: 

Faheem Akbar is working as Senior Librarian at NARC Islamabad and he has successfully created Digital Archive for his organization using Dspace

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