A Guide to Koha ( Integrated Library Management System)

Koha Live DVD

introduction to Koha Live DVD

The Koha Live DVD offers a snapshot of the Ubuntu operating system version 18.04 (desktop) and comes pre-packaged with Koha version 18.0.5. Koha is a globally adopted Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), renowned for revolutionizing library computerization. With over a decade in operation, Koha’s user base spans thousands of libraries and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Purpose of the Live DVD

This Live DVD is crafted specifically for the educational enrichment of librarians and Library and Information Science (LIS) students. Many professionals and students in the LIS field encounter challenges when installing Koha on Ubuntu or other versions of the operating system. This DVD aims to simplify the learning curve.

Installation Guide

Step III: Initiate the Installation

  1. Start the installation using the shortcut provided on the desktop.
  2. The installation mirrors the standard Ubuntu operating system setup.

Post-Installation Procedures

Creating a User Account

  1. Begin by creating a ‘library-koha’ user with the following command:Copy codesudo adduser library-koha
    • The system will request the superuser password—enter this when prompted.
    • Next, provide a password for the ‘library-koha’ user along with any other requested information.

Starting Services

  1. After the account setup, initiate the apache2 server with the command:sqlCopy codesudo service apache2 start

Adjusting File Permissions

  1. Modify the permissions of the Koha configuration file:
    • Open a terminal on the desktop by right-clicking and selecting ‘Open Terminal’.
    • Enter the command:
    bashCopy codesudo chmod 755 /etc/koha/conf.xml

Accessing Koha

  1. Launch the Firefox browser and enter localhost:8088 in the address bar for Koha administration, or localhost:8089 for Koha’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Login Credentials

  • The default username for Koha administration is ‘librarian’.
  • The password is set to ‘dsi@2018>’.

Further Assistance

This Live DVD has been assembled by Faheem Akbar. Should you require additional details or assistance, Faheem is available via email at onlinevws@gmail.com.

Enhancements to the Guide

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

  • We’ve included a troubleshooting section to address common pitfalls during the Koha installation process.

Additional Resources

  • A new segment that lists supplementary resources, such as video tutorials and community forums, is now incorporated for further learning.

Updated Security Practices

  • Learn the latest in security practices for maintaining a secure Koha installation.

Community Contributions

  • Discover how to contribute to the Koha community, including how to suggest features or report bugs.

This expanded guide is designed to be a comprehensive resource, ensuring users not only install Koha successfully but also engage with the wider Koha community for a richer, collaborative experience.

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