How to Install SLiMS (9.5) Library Management System on Laragon

Do you want to know the exact steps for installing the SLiMS 9.5 Library Management System on Windows? We’ll walk you through the installation procedure, along with the necessary software and configurations, in this in-depth tutorial. SLiMS will have you up and running in no time, allowing you to begin managing your library more effectively.

SliMS (Senayan Library Management System) is a free and open-source library management web-based software that is used for library automation all over the world. It is coded in PHP and uses MySQL or MariaDB as a database. SLiMS is platform-independent; it can be installed on any version of Windows or Linux, as well as on mobile devices. SliMS has many templates and plugins for adding functionality to the system.

SLIMS 9.5 is the most recent version, released in November 2022. This package also includes the YAZ library, which allows copy-cataloguing (using Z39.50 ). This is the most basic installation, as it does not require the web server or other applications to be installed separately. Following isStep by Step Guide for Installing SLiMS Library Management System on Windows:

1st step: download Laragon click here and install it.
2nd Step: Download SLiMS Source Code Click here
3rd Step: Copy source code to root directory and create database for SLiMS.
4th Step: Install Slims and access it in the browser.

 For security, you should always change the default logins, particularly for a production installation.

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